Employee Stories

Our customers know that MDL is their most reliable and consistent partner moving their company forward. We are a service focused company and our proud to share our passion with you, please read what our customers have to say about MDL Advantage…

Vince L.
Vince L. Driver

Vince L. has been a Dusi Trucking employee since 2002. He started as warehouse worker before attaining his Class A. He then drove the classic flat nose Pete for 16 years. He progressed in his career, moving into dispatch and then eventually being promoted most recently as the Safety and Compliance officer and Tractor location driver manager. Vince has a wife and two young children and has been a lifelong Paso resident.

Patrick Driver

Patrick has been with MDL for the past 10 years. He learned to drive to CR England trucking school in 2008 and is originally from Oakland, CA but grew up in the Central Coast. Patrick was hired as a tanker and low bed driver and filled in where work was needed. “Dusi has given me more experience the opportunity to develop myself as a more well-rounded driver.”

Jorge C.
Jorge C. Driver

Jorge has been a Dusi employee for over six years. He was hired as a van driver was tanker endorsed so was deployed as necessary. Previous to Dusi Trucking, Jorge was in construction management. Jorge has been a great resource as he is fluent in Spanish and communicated well with his peers. Jorge's exemplary performance in his duties as a driver and experience in construction management created an opportunity for his promotion to the Napa terminal manager. He lives with his wife in American Canyon as an empty nester. "I enjoy the challenges of day to day operations."

Shawn Driver

Shawn has been a Dusi Trucking employee for the past 16 years and was hired to run tanker loads. Due to his performance as a driver he has since been promoted as the company tanker dispatcher. He was born and raised in Paso with a family lineage from the 1800’s. He has a wife and two girls. “Over the years Dusi has felt like a family to me.”

Marvin R.
Marvin R. Driver

Marvin has been a driver for MDL for the past 12 years. A professional driver for the past 42 years, he is primarily a tanker driver but supports all divisions. He has been a Paso resident since 1991 but has been a coastal resident all his life. He has a wife and 4 grown kids grown two of whom work in the warehouse division.

Martin S.
Martin S. Driver

Martin has been a driver for Dusi Trucking for the last three years. He has been a Class A driver with 14 years of experience. He was hired for his doubles experience but is tanker certified and can operate a reefer trailer. He is a Napa resident with his wife. He has five kids that are all grown so enjoys working the long hours. Martin, aside from his skills as a trucker driver, can grill a tasty carne asade.